Hi, thanks for visiting my web-site. My name is  Stacy Farley.  I live about 30 miles outside Chicago. I started making Irish dance costumes in 2005.  Each of my dresses is unique. I would never duplicate a design as I think each dancer deserves to know her dress is 'one of a kind'. I pride myself on making quality dresses, at a reasonable price.  Each of my customers gets one on one attention.  All of the dresses are made by me, therefore I allow 2-4 weeks per dress.  All design work and fabric choices will be done before the start of the dress.     

   E-mail is my favorite choice for communication. It eliminates the confusion factor by having discussions in writing. When making dresses, I use dressmaker dummys, which usually provides the customer with a costume that needs very little, if any, alterations provided the measurements given are correct. My dresses have cotton bodice lining, and full zippers that allow the dress to unzip completely. They generally have wide seam allowances and extra fabric at the bottom of the bodice for ease in growth alterations. 

   I consider myself very fortunate, as I thoroughly enjoy my work. If you have any questions, or would like to contact me about creating a unique costume, please do so at  Stacy@IDentify-You.com  I'd love to design and create a dress for you! :)